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National and State Chapters are independent, nonprofit, and politically nonpartisan.


Welcome to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) one powerful voice!


MOAA provides services for your needs and fights in defense of your rights. Military Officers from MOAA represent all branches of the uniformed military services at all career stages and status- active duty, retired, Guard and Reserve. We understand the needs of all Military Officers.

MOAA is a powerful Voice ... speaking for a strong national defense. MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential association of military officers.

We are independent, nonprofit, and politically nonpartisan.

Basic MOAA National membership is free.

  Chapter membership is $25 a calendar year. 

Whether you are considering chapter membership or renewing, now is the time to add your voice to the thousands of other MOAA members making a difference on the legislative front and in their communities. MOAA's chapters are critical in helping us do this by building grass roots support for MOAA's legislative goals in their congressional districts.

But that's not all our chapters do. MOAA chapter members are our ambassadors in their communities, supporting countless programs that are making a difference in the lives of others. MOAA's chapter membership is a great way to hear more about opportunities for camaraderie with your fellow officers, local networking, advocacy, community service and much more.   

Welcome to The Alaska Captain Cook Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), an Affiliate of national MOAA.  Our Chapter is the only chartered chapter in the State of Alaska by MOAA at this time.   There are about 3,000 MOAA members in Alaska.  The chapter was previously called The Retired Officers Association (TROA).  Our goal is to be  is an active, driving force in our beautiful state and in our great nation for our military, as well as its veterans and their families.  Please find out more about our chapter by selecting one of the links above or a page option.



President:  Catkin M. Kilcher-Burton 

Vice-President & Communications/PR:  Clyde T. (Tom) Burton

Secretary:  Justin Mills

Treasurer:  Open

Legislative Liaison:  Bob Pawlowski  

Scholarship Committee:  George Tolbert

Webmaster:  Edie Grunwald

Pictured at Right:  Mr. Verdie Bowen, DMVA Director of Veterans Affairs and Col Catkin Kilcher-Burton (ret), President for MOAA-AK.

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